More Dune Landscape

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Here are more of my studies on how to compose a dune landscape with just one image as a basis. I tried different approaches in painting, drawing, using pieces of newspaper, tape. Using different colors. Most of the works have several layers and became a landscape over a period of 2 months of making decisions of what to keep in the picture and what not. The painting on canvas in orange and yellow became a 2 piece work with an extension of a boxing glove as an element of a imaginary part of a landscape. Will be continued…





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These are different works on paper, made with inkt, aquarel and pastel. All images are fiction and are originated from a newspaper photo of a girl sleeping on a hospital bed. When I started to draw, paint, the image of the person became another person with a different character. Due to a combination of material, choice of paper, expression and making choices in the actual image i’m creating, I could make a different work each day.