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‘Atlantis’ 20×30 cm. Eco-line on water-colour paper, cardboard, newspaper, sandpaper, canvas, acryl paint.

August Robin Peters 2019

This little piece originally started as a water-colour experiment somewhere in 2015. Last year I started to work with unfinished pieces and tried to re-arrange the composition by tearing, cutting, adding all sorts of paper. To me it was kind of meditative to work on something completely different and very satisfying to work towards a defined and definitive form. I called it Atlantis. if you want you can see a hand rising from the water.

Imaginairy landscape


A work made in in a mixed technigue using photo, newspaper, printed cotton, cardboard and stitching . Most of the time these landscapes, as I like to call them begin to appear under my hands when things coincidentally find each other and the combinations begin to work. Only the beginning of the image starts fast but after that it takes more time and a lot of trying out to actually finish.

The three dimensional assemblage is made during the same time in my studio and takes a simulair path in the imaginative world of landscapes. Although both works were not made side by side, the simulairity of the language is the same.

Imaginairy landscape. Mixed media. 31x23cm. May 2019. August Peters
Assemblage with canvas, frame and shoe molds. Mixed media. May 2019. August Peters

Nau End Expo 2019

Art, Beeldende Kunst, Dutch Contemporain Artist, installation art, Mixed media, Moderne kunst, Object art, Painting, Sculpture

These works were exhibited at my end expo in Loods6 Amsterdam of the NAU (Nieuwe  Akademie Utrecht) in juli last year. It was a selection of works I made in the last couple of months before the expo. NAU is an art course I followed for 5 years together with 10 other artists we graduated, started with somewhat 35 starters in the first year.  But with a lot of hard work, persistence, searching, studying and defining your subject and having the joy of wanting to create art it has been as much as a trigger point to let go what i already knew as a starting point for me to develop my work for the future.


Art, Beeldende Kunst, Contemporary, Moderne kunst, Sculpture

Here are some pictures of my first series of sculptured cardboard boxes, build up in a composition. You can look at these installations as if you were looking at an abstract painting with different colors and dimensions. When you walk around they give a different sight depending on the way you look at them. To me that was something that was an extra gift, when I put the individually made forms together as one image. There is so much more to do with it, the possibilities are endless, like a lego set of stones.

image 25

image 23


image 18

Sculptures Series One

Art, assemblage, Beeldende Kunst, Contemporary, Dutch Contemporain Artist, Mixed media, Moderne kunst, Object art, Painting, Sculpture

I started to make these sculptures out of cardboard box material to satisfy my need to make a three dimensional form. I wanted to build a form, shape that could be interesting to look at and at the same time would not represent anything in the sense of a subject. In these pictures the cardboard sculptures are presented as a solo form but in a bigger scale I want to make a composition as if it was an abstract painting. The fascination for these forms origin in the fact that i collect tiny boxes and packing material. Most of the time I unfold them and study their forms as if it were patterns of clothing. By making small adjustments in the shape, by cutting it, building it with other parts, glueing it together again, another form starts to reappear and they begin to speak for itself.

Sculptured boxes, Different sizes, August Robin Peters, 03/2019, Cardboard, Acryl paint.

De magie van het maken


A very personal review of a visitor to the NAU End Expo last month by Marianne Plug

Marianne Plug

“Dat rode ding aan de muur! Mooi he!” Ik wijs naar een kunstwerk aan een van de wanden van Loods 6 in Amsterdam. Ik ben op de eindexpositie van de Nieuwe Akademie Utrecht (NAU, ‘mijn’ academie) en val meteen voor het werk van August Robin Peters. Hij schildert, installeert en maakt sculpturen.  Van karton, doek, lappen stof, plastic flesjes, alles in helle kleuren.  Tof. Vooral dat rode ding. Het beeld dwarrelt nog dagenlang door mijn hoofd.

august robin peters(‘het rode ding’, hier in een andere opstelling)

“Kijk, deze!”  Vriendin Cheryl wijst naar een werk van mij, in Galerie Agnes Raben in Vorden.  “Deze vertelt een heel verhaal.”  Het gaat om een vrij minimalistische collage, in felle kleurtjes,  groen,  geel en zwart.  We staan ons allebei te verwonderen. Maf is dat toch. Of nee, beter gezegd: magisch is dat toch.

Dat kunst kan bestaan uit een rood geschilderde en vervormde kartonnen doos. Of…

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