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Art, assemblage, Collage, Mixed media, Object art, Painting, Photo, Sculpture
Versie 2

August Robin Peters 2017. Imaginary landscape made of Cardboard paper, wood and brush, ca. 50x70x10 cm

Versie 2

August Robin Peters 2017, Assemblage landscape made of textile, wood, photograph, acryl, nylon, paper, ca 50x70cm

Versie 2

August Robin Peters 2017, 3-Dimensional wall object made of cardboard-paper and yellow dishcloth, acryl paint, ca 130×90 cm


August Robin Peters 2017, Red bricks. Painting of acryl and oil ca, 40×50 cm


Art, assemblage, Mixed media, Painting

This serie of works could reflect my state of mind about the last couple of months, after loosing a close relative. It reflects my feeling of isolation when mourning is not shared. The façade of this house has windows but they look either closed or difficult to see through. A door is not seen and can not be entered. The lack of an open door gives this atmosphere a very closed feeling. As if it’s not possible to participate, to enter or to leave. A feeling of left behind. Emotions that are isolated. The locked feeling of a mourning process. fullsizeoutput_43d6fullsizeoutput_43d7fullsizeoutput_43d8

December 2017 August Robin Peters

Inspired by

Art, Mixed media, Painting, Photo, Sculpture

Versie 2

Versie 2

First I was interested in the simplicity of the form and shape of a oridinary grey plastic garbage bag. I used the form and principe of how it is folded to make a 3-dimensional sculptural work. I copied the pattern of the bag in a black plastic material and combined it with a wooden construction,  a standing wooden shelf which was made out of different thin layers of wood. Soon the smaller version of the sculpture followed, it just wanted to be there too. When it was finished I realised that it reminded me a lot to the painting of Breintner”s girl in kinomo standing in front of the mirror in a black gown. Which I have admired for a very long time and always returns to me. I decided to place the works in a sort of stage setting together with a remake of the girl in kimono and make the picture of these elements together as my artwork. The painting in the back is my re-interpretation of the Breitner work, it is not a copy. The last pictures  show the sculpture trying to get out of it’s destination and trying to be something else after the photoshoot.



Extra Video Paper Blanket

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Short video taken during the expo, last spring in Arnhem. Shot from two different angles and edited as one image. Very simply. You see myself operate the machine and contemplate the effect of the contrast between the awkward and log pulley-block and the delicate, crispy newspaper blanket with losts of snippets of information passing by.


Recent Work

Landscape, Mixed media, Painting, Photo

A Selection works made during these last months from may till june.

Video : A study for a 3-dimensional work

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​This short video is a study of the different possibilities of making a 3-dimensional work with the simple elements of a table.  I was inspired by one of my favorite’s work by American artist Robert Gober ( play pen ) The pictures below show the maquette of the final form of the sculptural work. I choose to cover it with band aid, as a sort of skin to the geometrical attitude of the shape.

Expo B53

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Pictures from my installation in the B53 group exhibition this easter weekend in formely congres centre Elektrum in Arnhem. Much ethousiastic response by the public and a perfect spot for my paper/painted/photo collage works made this a modest succes.  Thanks to everyone who helped and came to visit to see the works for real.  It is so nice to build an exhibition, hope to do it again in time.

A one minute video of my presentation is on Youtube.