Art, Collage, Contemporary, photograpy

These photo collages are a study of form and an inspiration for sculptural works. I have a fascination for the shapes, size and rhythm of these beautiful rhododendrons. To me they can also be enjoyed just for what they are. One of many important structures of bedding that shape the environment which we live in or spaces we pass through, especially parks. By using these photo’s in a collage manner of working, I was able to move them just the way I wanted. Will be continued….

Cut-out works on paper

Art, Collage, Contemporary, Landscape, works on paper

These cut-out works on paper came as a result of a longing to bring simple forms and shapes together with a more picturesque background, cluster together as one group of forms in an imaginaire landscape. They could be a border of plants or architectural buildings or big stones.

More works, illusion and imagination


Studies on composition, material and image








A Series of collages made with the photo’s I took from a composition with shoe molds. Combined with cut-outs and a diversity of materials. Some more graphic, others with a more painting-like effect. The possibilities seem endless but every little change in the image seems to have its way of working. I like the tension between the flat cut out forms that seem to want to suggest a more spacious 3-dimensional representation.