Composition with boxes

Art, assemblage, Collage, Mixed media, Object art, Painting, Photo, Sculpture, Stil Life


Several works coming from one composition made with different kind of boxes. From a flat work on paper with paint, through a combination with digital approach into a two dimensional work on paper and a three dimensional work in mixed media, where the actual boxes are placed into a bigger box.


digital fotoprint ca.30×45 cm

With the digital version I could enter a more graphic and sharper background than possible with paint. Which made me realize the importance of the composition and the scale of the items shown. If you make some parts smaller or bigger, the rest-space-changes and sometimes makes the composition weaker or stronger.


Acryl on paper ca. 50×60 cm


Acryl on paper and board paper and paper tea box ca.60x80cm

Rests-space take an important role, as you can see in the most abstract version painted on wood. The forms become more important and with less details. Beside the fact that they change form and become something on their own.  The originally tea boxes and  other packaging material also become an interesting form to look at. On one hand they are flat and have, at the same time the illusion of a dimensional form. The playing between flat and non flat keeps me occupied and fascinated.


Acryl, oil, nail polish and sticker on wood ca. 70×65 cm


Digital photo print ca.30x45cm

4 thoughts on “Composition with boxes

  1. Hoi August, Je hebt alweer veel gedaan. Sterk werk! Prachtig die met acryl, olie, nagellak enz. en ook leuk dat je nu digitaal werk erbij hebt gemaakt. Groet, Marjan

    Hoe is het met jouw rug? Zie je het zitten om te gaan skiën ?


    1. Wel fijn om werk op deze manier te ordenen. Op deze manier kan ik er zelf nog eens kritisch naar kijken. Helaas heb ik nog steeds veel last van m’n rug, maar hoop wel dat ik kan skieen…


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