Another world

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In these works I tried to create another world by using and mixing useless things or trash that I found lying on the pavement. I took photo’s of different ordinary things that caught my attention, sometimes by color, texture or shape. It seems that all these things evoke emotion. By placing them in a new order or composition and taking them from the floor to the wall they made a new world to me.

Versie 2Pavement Three 2016, Collage of stitched newspaper with inkt, acryl, conté. 90cmx150cm

Pavement Two 2016, Inkt op news papier,  acryl, conté and photo. 100 x 60 cm.

Pavement One with Spooky 2016, Inkt on newspaper, combined with acryl paint and conté. 120cm x 120cm

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