Imaginairy landscape


A work made in in a mixed technigue using photo, newspaper, printed cotton, cardboard and stitching . Most of the time these landscapes, as I like to call them begin to appear under my hands when things coincidentally find each other and the combinations begin to work. Only the beginning of the image starts fast but after that it takes more time and a lot of trying out to actually finish.

The three dimensional assemblage is made during the same time in my studio and takes a simulair path in the imaginative world of landscapes. Although both works were not made side by side, the simulairity of the language is the same.

Imaginairy landscape. Mixed media. 31x23cm. May 2019. August Peters
Assemblage with canvas, frame and shoe molds. Mixed media. May 2019. August Peters

2 thoughts on “Imaginairy landscape

  1. Wow August, wat een sensationeel goed werk. Het landschap met die kleuren, die intrigerende combinaties, ik vind het echt fantastisch.

    Groet, Marjan


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